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  • Decree No. (22) of 2000 regarding family custody 
    The law included special provisions for children of unknown fathers or parents, orphans, and how to care for them. It clarified what is meant by family custody and the foster family, and the conditions that must be met therein. It also established the Family Fostering Committee and defined its duties, and stipulated the rights of children of unknown fathers or parents when it comes to their name, registration in official and identification papers and birth certificates, and imposed a penalty for violating the provisions contained therein.
  • Law No. (31) of 2005 regarding social insurance for Bahrainis working abroad and their equivalent. 
    The law defined the persons subject to social insurance in accordance with its provisions, including their insurance system and the conditions for eligibility, in addition to indicating the sources of the insurance account funds in the Social Insurance Fund of the Social Insurance Organisation. It also stipulated the percentage and duration of insurance, that the law is to be enforced when insurance is expired, and it clarified the right of the insured or his beneficiaries in the death and funeral expenses grant.
  • Law No. (34) of 2005 establishing the Alimony Fund 
    The law established the Alimony Fund, which is managed by a board of directors formed from the governmental and private sectors. It detailed the method of disbursing alimony including temporary ones, specified cases of forfeiture of the beneficiary’s right to disburse alimony, and cases of contention between expenditure debts. It also addressed the Fund's resources, exempted transactions and lawsuits related to the Fund from fees and inflicted a penalty on those who obtain amounts from the Fund based on fictitious or artificial procedures or evidence, or to a state whose demise or change has been knowingly proven.
  • Law No. (18) of 2006 regarding social security 
    The law included provisions related to social security, as it specified the categories entitled to social assistance, the conditions for its entitlement, its value, and cases of forfeiture, and assigned beneficiaries a set of obligations, including informing the relevant ministry of any change in social status.
  • Law No. (28) of 2006 regarding the Future Generations Reserve 
    The law addressed the deducted percentage for the formation of the Future Generations Reserve in the Future Generations Reserve Fund (FGF) and obligated the Ministry of Finance to invest these deducted funds. In accordance with this law, the Future Generations Reserve Board was formed in the Ministry of Finance to set and implement the policy and rules to be followed in investing these funds.
  • Law No. (74) of 2006 regarding the care, rehabilitation, and employment of the disabled 
    The law includes provisions relating to the disabled and their right to care, rehabilitation, a monthly allowance, and work, whether in the government or private sector. In addition to establishing the Higher Committee for the Care of Persons with Disabilities, its formation and specialties, as well as imposing penalties for violating the provisions of this law.
  • Law No. (5) of 2007 regarding combating beggary and homelessness 
    The law included a definition of vagrants, using assistance of specialised institutions to find out the causes of vagrancy, the proposed ways to treat it in order to avoid the penalty of imprisonment or a fine, and matters relating to foreign vagrants outside the country.

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