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Information security is indispensable in combating the increasing number of cybercrimes around the world. Bahrain is considered a leading country in the development of IT infrastructure, making it more susceptible to online threats that can pose a public threat. The government has taken precautions to safeguard against these risks and enhance data security readiness at government entities and within the Kingdom as a whole.

The Government, through various entities, has launched a range of information security programmes and initiatives, including:

“Thiqa” Cyber Trust Programme

The ‘Thiqa’ Cyber Trust Programme was launched by the iGA’s General Directorate of Information Security & Radio Communication and later adopted by the National Cybersecurity Centre. It aims to enhance data security at governmental and semi-governmental entities by supporting their technical capabilities and helping them to achieve regional and global leadership, as well as a sustainable digital environment.

The programme, which is currently optional, consists of three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Excellent, each with a set of criteria that must be met.

The programme aims to build and sustain a trusted eGovernment environment by implementing a competitive programme that enhances data security, supports technical and human endeavors, and helps the Kingdom to achieve regional and global leadership.

‘Thiqa’ has the following objectives:

  1. Improve the ICT sector’s risk protection
  2. Support the continuous development process of national capabilities in information security
  3. Raise awareness of information security among government eService users
  4. Enhance the management of information security knowledge
  5. Improve Bahrain’s regional and global positions in information security
  6. Evaluate information security levels at government entities

Cyber Hawks

Cyber Hawks is an initiative that brings together a group of cybersecurity specialists from various government entities in the Kingdom with the aim of enhancing cooperation in identifying and limiting cybersecurity threats.

Threat Advisory Service

Threat Advisory is a document presented by the Kingdom’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). It provides details and charts to clients about malware and new threats, along with recommendations on how to tackle them.

  • More than 150 recommendations have been delivered
  • Approximately 200 subscribers from various sectors
  • Addition of ATT&CK to the Threat Advisory Service (ATT&CK is a global organisation that provides a database of methods and techniques to combat threats based on real world observations)

Evaluating the security levels of eGovernment services and websites

eGovernment channels are evaluated using a range of security programmes and tools, which help enhance their information security levels, maintain their confidentiality, and protect them from piracy.

These efforts manage information security risks, alleviating security threats, identifying weaknesses that might present a danger to the user’s data, and fixing security breaches.

SafeSurf Bahrain

Launched by the TRA, SafeSurf educates citizens and residents in the Kingdom about how to use technology for the sake of a safer digital environment. The initiative’s website was developed with a focus on families, familiarising them with useful topics.

In line with its Cloud-First Policy, Bahrain is committed to accelerating the shift toward Cloud computing, which is an opportunity for tech companies offering information security solutions.

The Cyber Safety Award

The annual Cyber Safety Award, launched by SafeSurf Bahrain and the TRA, encourages educational organisations, either individually or as groups, to participate in creating educational content in the form of short films.

Page Last Updated: 17 May, 2022