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Linking Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, the King Fahd Causeway is 25km Long and 23.3 meters wide. Since its launch in 1986, the causeway has brought numerous economic and social benefits to both kingdoms and the wider GCC.  

The King Fahd Causeway Authority  was established in accordance with an agreement  between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which was ratified by Royal Decree No. M/9 on 3/5/1406AH and Emiri Decree No. 4 of 1986 on 19/5/1406AH.

The King Fahd Causeway offers a range of services  to travelers, such as live broadcasts, road services, and suggestions of the best times to travel. Citizens, residents, and organisations can also have insurance policies for vehicles traveling through the King Fahd Causeway issued online.

Contributors to the King Fahd Causeway’s success include:

Page Last Updated: 02 Aug, 2022