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This service is provided by the Information and eGovernment Authority to Individuals requesting to reserve an appointment to issue an Identity Card, or renew the Identity Card or issuing replacement through Information and eGovernment Authority Appointment System.

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  • Individuals ,

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   Important notes

  • Others:
  1. To modify the employer or occupation data for Bahrainis, the data should be registered previously by the employer in the Social Insurance Organization before applying in the Information and eGovernment Authority
  2. To prove the employment entity or change the profession for workers in the military authorities, a proof of the employment must be provided
  3. If the request is to book an appointment for the family, the appointments should be booked for each member individually
  4. When issuing an Identity Card for the first time, the present of the applicant is mandatory except of those who have a medical report stating their inability to attend


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