National Frequency Plan 2020

The National Frequency Plan (NFP) is a key instrument in spectrum resource management providing information on which radiocommunication's services are permitted in each frequency band in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The NFP reflects the results of the World Radiocommunication Conference. Which will contribute to advancing development and the national economy, and reflect national policy on the use of the radio spectrum in support of the broader objectives for the telecommunications, Security and broadcasting sectors, as well as Government users and, is the result of a planned, cooperative process. The NFP is based on current and forecasted spectrum requirements in the Kingdom for the foreseeable future.


NFP is a source document and a technical guide for importers, manufacturers and all users of radiocommunications equipment as well as by foreign administrations and regional telecommunication organizations.

NFP is a plan to distribute the frequency spectrum at the national level in line with the Radio Regulations issued by the International Telecommunication Union for terrestrial, air, maritime, and satellite services, and to support modern technologies and advanced applications in these services as well as meet the needs of the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom represented by the government agencies And security and commercial services, in addition to private entities and institutions and individuals who use these services, Frequency allocations of Radio Regulations keep changing following the end of each World Radiocommunication Conference as new frequency allocations are redefined for the favor of specific services with the most growing demands, and old ones phased out. Changes in spectrum utilization will also occur at the international level or as a consequence of national decisions made to meet specific national requirements.

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