Course Exemption Request

This service is provided by the University of Bahrain for transferred students between the majors or transferred to University of Bahrain for exemption from the courses.

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1. Course Exemption Request Form

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For external transfer students the following rules are applied for exemption :

  • For external transfer students, the total grade for a course taken elsewhere should not be less than grade (C) or “good”.
  • The number of credit hours allocated to the course required should not be less than those of its equivalent offered at the University of Bahrain.
  • One course should not be equivalent with more than course in University of Bahrain.
  • Attach the original academic transcript and the official course description from the transferred university.
  • Course equivalence will be attempted only once before the start of the semester for which the transfer student start his study
  • Students must submit forms before the beginning of the semester


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