Aeronautical Licensing

This service is provided by the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications to Businesses and Governmental Entities requesting to obtain an Aeronautical Permit for aircrafts to be able to have a safe trip.

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   Service Terms

  • Financial Information:

The permit will be issued only if all fees are paid.

  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government ,

   Required Documents


  1. Application Form
  2. Aircraft technical data
  3. Operational equipment necessary for safe operation of the aircraft
  4. Aircraft weight limits
  5. Fuel distribution limits
  6. Centre of gravity limits
  7. Aircraft manoeuvre limitations
  8. Flight equipment usage limitations
  9. Aircraft speed limits
  10. Meteorological limits, including conditions to be avoided, inspections required for these conditions be encountered inadvertently, and weather minimums
  11. Operator’s Maintenance Exposition ensuring that the manual has the following procedures:
  • Provisions for conveying the BCAA Permit, with any restrictions and conditions, to the operating crew
  • A system for recording each flight conducted under the permit
  • Procedures to determine that the proposed special flight complies with the ANTRs and is not prohibited by any Airworthiness Directive
  • Procedures to allow additional crew members and other authorized persons to be carried aboard the aircraft during the flights when the aircraft flight characteristics have not been changed or its operation in flight substantially affected
  • Procedures to ensure the display of the current airworthiness certificate and Permit
  • Procedures to ensure the review of the manual data


   Important notes

  • Readiness:

The Aeronautical Permit is automatically invalidated once the aircraft reaches the required destination

  • Exceptions:

An Aeronautical Permit may be issued for a period not exceeding 7 calendar days


  • Payment Methods:
  • Cheque ,
  • Service Fees:
  • BD 50