Sewerage Networks Connection Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning to Individuals, Businesses, Governmental Entities, and NGOs requesting for to obtain a sewerage connection for their residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

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   Service Terms

  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government , Individuals , NGOs ,

   Required Documents

  1. Application Form
  2. Land’s Title Deed
  3. Site Location Plan
  4. Internal Sewerage system Plan
  5. Address Card
  6. Identity Card
  7. Commercial Registration, for non-domestic applications
  8. Building Permit
  9. Photographs of the site and connection pipes to the public sewerage system of the applicant’s plot.
  10. Number of peoples using or occupying the building and quantity of sewage flows of the building

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
Connection pipes to the public sewerage system of the applicant plot shall be ready and exposed


  • Payment Methods: