Educational Grant Registration Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Education to Ministry of Education to the outstanding students requesting to register to obtain educational grant which is a financial aid provided by Ministry of Education to the outstanding student during his study years and according to according to the list of financial allocations approved for maximum of 5 years or according to the study system.

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   Service Terms

  • Experience:
General secondary or its equivalent and who obtained a rate of 90% and above
  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Educational financial aid exchange application form (BD 400) allocated to outstanding students holding averages of 90% and more.
  2. Copy of the bank account.
  3. The original transcripts and secondary school graduation affidavit and a copy of them
  4. Copy of a valid passport
  5. The acceptance letter from the university and a copy of it
  6. The university fees invoice for the subjects and a copy of it

   Important notes

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Applying conditions to obtain educational grant:

  1. The student should be in good conduct.
  2. The students should apply in the same year of secondary school graduation with accumulative rate not less than 90% for the public schools students or the equivalent for private school students.
  3. The student shall bear the responsibility for his choice of university and to ensure the reliability of the academic program and the university by the competent authorities in the Ministry of Education.
  4. The student should inform Ministry of Education if he changed the university.
  5. Each student studying outside Kingdom of Bahrain should renew the application annually at the beginning of September and by a maximum of two weeks from the start of the study at the university, the application will considered cancelled if the student does not renew it within the specified period


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