Age Estimation Decision Ratification Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals, Businesses and Governmental Entities to obtain the Medical Commissions decision in regards to age estimation taking into account when estimating the age, the scientific principles such as the general look, and the degree of body growth, teeth situation, and puberty signs and scanning, if necessary.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government , Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Official court letter addressed to the Medical Committees illustrates the request of estimating the applicant age
  2. The applicant’s experience and certificates granted from the employer
  3. Copy of the academic degrees
  4. Birth certificate or a certificate of vaccination (if applicable)
  5. Valid Identity Card
  6. Current passport and all available old passports
  7. Designation start date ( if applicable)

   Important notes

  • Others:
The applicant has not been benefited from this service before


  • Payment Methods:
  • Cash , Credit Card , Debit Card ,
  • Service Fees:
  • BD 5