Colonoscopy Preparation Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals requesting to clean up the colons to examine and diagnose accurately.

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  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

A letter from the employer if the patient is a government employee

   Important notes

  • Others:

For the success of the examination the following instructions must be followed carefully:

  1. Refrain from eating anything solid (rice, bread, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.).
  2. You can drink liquids of all kinds except milk and dairy products.
  3. Patient should arrange for friend or relative to take him home if he/she is under sedation.
  4. If the patient’s age is below 18 years, the signature must be obtained from one of the parents.
  5. The patient should call the Endoscopy Unit before 1or 2 days if he could not attend.
  6. The patient is requested to come on time but the exact time of the surgery is unknown, so the patient has to wait till he is been called.
  7. The stomach and duodenum patients should have a light dinner prior to the appointment.
  8. The blood pressure patients should take their medication early morning with sips of water in the appointment day.


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