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This service is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Bahraini citizens who are going to travel abroad for the purpose of studying, tourism, Medical treatment ..etc. to enable them to register their travel plans online and update their contact details in order to facilitate the communication of the Kingdom of Bahrain diplomatic missions with Bahraini citizens concerning any emergency cases that may arise while being abroad.

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eService is available on the following Channels

desktop channel Portal (Bahrain.bh)


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How to use the Service

  1. Click on "Launch Service"
  2. Select the required service:
  • Update Personal Profile: You can update your personal contact details and your passport number (You must have an ekey account)
  • Register your travel: Register your travel information to facilitate the communication of the Kingdom of Bahrain diplomatic missions with you in case of emergency during your travel (You must have an ekey account)
  • Update Travel Details: You can update your contact details in the destination country once available (You must have an ekey account)
  • Announcements: To view the latest notifications/ announcements issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs related to Kingdom of Bahrain and the destination country, for the security and safety of citizens abroad
  1. Follow the instructions and enter the required information for the selected service

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Service Owner
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Address: Government Road - Manama

Telephone: 17227555

Fax: 17212603

P.O. Box: 547

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