Administration and Technician Training Programme Registration Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to Individuals who are high school Graduates from families in need wishing to complete their higher education. This programme will support the student for 7 semesters with a total amount of BD 1,288.

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   Service Terms

  • Age:
18 - 40 years
  • Experience:
High School Graduate, and the application should be submitted within one year of the graduation date
  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Recent personal photo
  2. Copy of high school certification
  3. Acceptance letter from the institute or university
  4. Copy of a valid Identity Card
  5. Copy of the Identity Cards of his/her family members who reside with the applicant
  6. Salary slip of the guardian and any other working member of the family, andshould be signed and stamped by the company (If the guardian is running his own business, he should prove it by bringing the specific document from the entity)
  7. Any supporting documents that state the financial status of the family such as Commercial Registration
  8. Application form to register for a new programme
  9. Programme agreement contract between the Ministry of Labour and Social Development the registered student

   Important notes

  • Exceptions:
  1. Cannot accept two students from the same family within the same semester
  2. Majors at University of Bahrain:

(IT, Engineering, Business, Applied Training)

  • Others:
All majors at the Bahrain Training Institute are accepted


  • Payment Methods: