Licensure Examination Registration To Practice Medical Profession

This service is provided by the National Health Regulatory Authority to Individuals requesting to register to conduct the required licensure examination to obtain a professional license to practice medical professions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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   Service Terms

  • Experience:
The applicant has to have less than 10 years experience
  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Copy of Identity Card (if applicable)
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of University Degrees
  4. Copy of University transcript
  5. Ministry of Education accreditation certificates for graduates of foreign universities
  6. Proof of passing the training is required for a license to practice the profession from a recognized institute by the Authority

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
Academic Degree required for the licensed profession
  • Exceptions:
Doctor should have a Master Degree or any recognized professional degree or has more than 10 years practical experience


  • Payment Methods: