Type Approval Certificate Request Telecommunication Devices and the Short Range Devices

This service is provided by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Wireless licensing, Frequencies & Monitoring Directorate (WLFMD) to Businesses requesting to issue a Certificate of conformityto ensure the devices and telecommunication equipment compliance with the specifications and criteria accredited in Kingdom of Bahrain before importing them and use them.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business ,

   Required Documents

  1. Official letter addressed to the Directorate of Wireless Licensing and Frequencies and Monitoring and authorizing one of the local companies
  2. The device name, manufacturer and model
  3. A technical details description of the devices and associated units with it, including frequencies that can be tuned or used
  4. Type Approval application form
  5. Electromagnetic Compatibility reports, safety and radio matching tests reports from an internationally accredited laboratory
  6. Official letter from the authorized local representative company or enterprise
  7. Declaration of Conformity (DoC) certificate from the manufacturer
  8. Type Approval Certificate issued from another countries (if any)

   Important notes

  • Others:
  • The traveler’s personal short range devices will be excluded to be in conformity with the technical specifications approved in the Kingdom If the quantity does not exceed five devices.
  • All equipment that meet the specifications and conditions mentioned in the short range devices regulation are not considered actually occupying radio spectrum and therefore not protected, on condition they comply to the type approval specification prior being allowed to enter to the local market of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


  • Payment Methods:
  • Bank Transfer , Cash , Credit Card , Cheque , Debit Card ,
  • Service Fees:
  • BD 120 for Type Approval Certificate for Telecommunication Devices for 3 years
  • BD 70 for Type Approval Certificate for Short Range Devices for 3 years