Sick, Additional, Accompany and Injury Leave Ratification Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Businesses and Governmental Entities requesting to receive the Medical Commission’s decision to ratify:

  1. Sick Leave: specializes in diseases arising outside the scope of work.
  2. Additional Leave: additional leave to be added to the list of leaves (Government Sector only).
  3. Accompany Leave: the leaves which is taken to accompany a sick person.
  4. Injury Leave: specializes in diseases arising inside the scope of work.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government ,

   Required Documents

Sick leaves

An official letter stamped by the employer addressed to the head of the Medical Committee to review the required leave, includes:

  • Full name, personal number, designation and the current job
  • Functional tasks
  • Sick leave period and state the purpose of presenting it to the Medical Committee
  • The letter should be signed and stamped by the employer
  • Sick leave certificate
  • Sick leaves record
  • A detailed medical report in case of long term sick leave
  • (5 consecutive work days and above or sporadic 15-20 working days per year)

A company Leaves

  1. Official letter from the accompany employer, includes:
    • Full name, personal number, designation and current job
    • A copy of the passport illustrates the date of departure and return to the Kingdom of Bahrain
    • The required leave period
    • The accompany and the patient relationship
    • The letter should be signed and stamped by the employer
    • Detailed and comprehensive medical report regarding the condition
  2. Apreliminary approval by medical commissions should be provided prior to travel and should provide a medical detailed report from the consultant including the availability of treatment within the Kingdom. After the approval, the following documents should be provided after returning from travel:
    • Date of entry and discharge from the hospital
    • The patient needs to have accompany( one person only)
    • The report should be signed by the doctor and stamped by the hospital and the embassy
  3. A copy of the patient and the accompany Identity Cards and a contact number for the patient or the accompany

Work Related Sick leaves

  • Traumatic notification form and a copy of the emergency paper
  • A detailed medical report

   Important notes

  • Others:
  1. Sick leaves has to be more than 5consecutiveworking days
  2. The Medical Committee will ratify the injury leaves if the injury was an occupational injury caused from work


  • Payment Methods:
  • Cash , Credit Card , Debit Card ,
  • Service Fees:
  • Free for Governmental Entities
  • BD 20 for Businesses