Library Books Borrowing Request by External Parties

This service is provided by the University of Bahrain to Businesses, Governmental Entitles, and NGOs requesting to borrow books from the library.

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   Service Terms

  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government , NGOs ,

   Required Documents

  1. An official letter from the employer, clarifying the reasons for borrowing books and guaranteeingtheir safety and that they would be returned on the specified due date
  2. Recent personal photo
  3. Copy of the applicant’s Identity Card

   Important notes

  • Others:
The applicant should be sponsored by an official entity to be able to borrow books


  • Payment Methods:
  • Bank Transfer , Cash ,
  • Fine / Penalty:
  • If the book is not returned, the applicant must pay the current cost of the book plus the processing costs