Manpower Agency Office License Issuance Request

This service is provided by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority to Individuals and Businesses requesting to issue a license to open a manpower agency to supply expat workers.

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   Service Terms

  • Financial Information:
Deposit BD 200 for each work permit as insurance to the Authority, in addition to the issuance fees
  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Individuals ,

   Required Documents

For the initial approval:

  1. Copy of the valid Identity Card
  2. Copy of the valid passport
  3. Good Conduct Certificate from the Ministry of Interior
  4. Provide a plan or program supported by models, documents and contracts to be used in practicing the activity in accordance with the required economical and professional license
  5. Copy of the Articles of Association
  6. Pledge to provide a residence for expatriates


Final approval:

  1. Copy of the Commercial Registration certificate
  2. Copy of the rental agreement for the agency premises and expatriate’s accommodation
  3. Copy of the electricity bill for agency premises and expatriate’s accommodation
  4. Ministry of Health’s approval for the validity of expatriate’s accommodation
  5. Interior and exterior photographic pictures of the Manpower Agency, and expatriate’s accommodation
  6. The concerned entities approval
  7. License issuance fees receipt

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  1. Submit a good conduct certificate, proving not being involved in any crimes or legal violations regarding honor or trust unless he has been rehabilitated, as well as the case for the single person owner
  2. Submit proof of the ability of conducting a manpower agency business such as a plan or program supported with documents and contracts which will be used to conduct the activity in compliance with the economic or occupational profession to be ratified by the Authority
  3. Establish regular records in regards to manpower supplied to businesses
  4. Establish regular records in regards to the employees information supplied to the Businesses Owners
  5. Obtain the proper license for conducting the business from the assigned authority, to ensure that their profession is in compliance with Kingdom of Bahrain’s rules and regulations
  6. Provide the proper accommodation, for the employees, in terms of number and gender that is in compliance with the rules and regulations
  7. Display the license certificate in a visible place in the business and in the expatriate’s accommodation
  • Exceptions:
  1. Identify the economic or occupational specialization for the manpower importing agency, providing such specialization has to be within the activities and professions as prescribed by the Authority, without prejudice the requirements of issuing work permits or temporary work permits
  2. The activity has to be managed by the applicant or a Bahraini manager
  3. Not to hire a minor or person not allowed to work as per the Kingdom of Bahrain’s regulations
  • Others:
  1. Apply the Authority’s terms and conditions without prejudice
  2. If the applicant has violated the authority’s rules and regulations previously, the application will be rejected as per the authority’s law
  3. If the applicant has previously been stopped in conducting the business, closing it, or changing the location of the activity which violates the Authority’s regulations
  4. Operate the activity in the licensed premises as per the license , to be independent and not to interfere with any other type of business
  5. Register and update the applicant’s information and supply contract attested by the Authority on a regular basis as per the Authority’s law
  6. The supply contracts confirmation should be written by the business owners and has to be match the approved version with determining the duration and required tasks to be fulfilled as well as establishing a regular record
  7. Inform the Authority in case of liquidation, bankruptcy, or cancellation of the business registration


  • Payment Methods: