Cleaning Products and House Disinfectant Products Filling Activity License Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals and businesses requesting to apply for cleaning products and home disinfectant filling activity license request.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Copy of the valid Identity Card
  2. Establishment registration certificate in Commercial Registration Directorate
  3. Authorization letter from applicant to the authorized person to do all official proceeding required for this purpose
  4. Shop lease contract stating the address with provide required facilities
  5. Provide the shop blueprint specified for Cleaning products and home disinfectant filling activity illustrating the facilities, areas, stores and site address (blueprint / Cleaning products and home disinfectant Filling)
  6. Other official related parties approved form
  7. Names of cosmetics those for refilling by writ it or print it in the form (Table/ Cleaning products and home disinfectant Filling) to apply on it definitions and conditions of Cleaning products and home disinfectant filling activity, and the applicant bears full responsibility for any incorrect data in the table
  8. Proceeding receipt ratification and commitment to implementation form
  9. Good manufacturing certificate for manufacturer issued from concerned party in provenance signed and stamped officially and certified from Kingdom of Bahrain embassy in that country
  10. Freedom sales certificate for products to be refilled in provenance issued from concerned party signed and stamped officially and certified from Kingdom of Bahrain embassy in that country
  11. Components certificate showing cosmetic components to be refilled with the percentage for materials content of and mention the job for every material signed and stamped from manufacturer
  12. Product analysis certificate for product to be refilled from producing company or certified laboratory or from health authorities specialized in primary materials and for final cosmetic signed and certified (the required analysis will be based on the product’s type)
  13. Signed or stamped certificate from concerned parties define bottles validity or special bottles for refill and containers for storage and marketing and to be identical to the special specifications in it and the bottles should be:
  • Homogeneous and free from strange materials, swells, air pockets and manufacturing defects
  • Inactive, do not change or react with the component materials to be refill with considerate about different temperature and probability of chemical materials separation in the bottles or react with the product
  • Resistance for the transfer risks, circulation and storage without any break happen or crackle and from any things that may change Product Properties and prevent it from damages

14. Copy of external and internal covering for every cosmetic record on it all basic information in both languages Arabic and/or English: (Cosmetic name, components, job without mansion any medical disadvantage, use method, warnings, batch number and dates of made and filling and expiration, conditions and methods for storage, bottle volume, side effects, manufacturer name and trademarks and provenance and dangerous code) and should state “Filled in Bahrain” and post this cover on the bottles and storage boxes should be difficult to removal


   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  • The company registration certificate should include the activity of importing the cleaning products and house disinfectant
  • The application will not be received until all required documents, attachments and samples are complete
  • The location has to be far from any source of pollution or areas infected with rodents and the shops of selling and grazing poultry, birds and livestock
  • The space, lighting and ventilation should be suitable with workload with the required air conditioning to store the product
  • The floor and walls should be from soft material safety and easy to clean
  • The glass facade of the establishment should contain a self- closing door and should not be exposed
  • Must provide hand sink with water source and good network water, with no any leakage taking into account not permeate the site of any major sewerage
  • The Instruments and tools should not be subject to rust, corrosion or interaction with the product components
  • Make sure constantly about the general cleanliness of the shop and provide trap for insects and prevent to inter the birds and animals
  • Provide a large container with a bag for all rubbish, and dispose of it by certified ways at concerned party
  • Prior approval should be obtained from concerned parties to publish the advertisement about any product in this permission by different media
  • Provide the employees with overcoat, gloves, masks and other safety tools
  • The employees should follow the health filling basis and full commitment with personal clean same as clothes clean, cut nails and wash hands before starting work
  • Exceptions:
  • It is forbidden to fill and sale or prevent circulation or license cancelation or withdraw from the market all the cosmetic that refilling if any of these cases occurred:  
  • If it does not meet the conditions of this license or the conditions and certified decisions of the Ministry of Health


  • If it shows the danger and poison effect on human or when appearance the detrimental side effects according to received information or official announcement from the users
  • If original product imported illegally or according to incorrect information
  • Any career or other activity converse with the activity missioned in the permission that issued by Ministry of Health and Commercial Registration will be prevented in the establishment
  • Others:
  • Before filling the form the applicant should read the process and conditions about the license on the cleaning products and home disinfectant filling activity.
  • Cleaning products and home disinfectant filling activity permission request form is valid for three months.
  • The final packed cosmetic should be stored in suitable places approved by concerned party.
  • Authorized employees from the Directorate have the right to inspect the establishment and regulate the violation and take random samples from packed cosmetic before its distribution it in the market or sale it to the customer to check it by specialists and asks the applicant to analyses the cosmetic on his own expenses in certified laboratory to check the quality.
  • The license should be renewed annually from authorization date and the renewal request should be submitted before one month from expiry date, the transaction will start during this period.
  • Commitment with vocational and personal health for the employees and make periodically checks for them according to the official concerned party conditions and isolate infected employees if any.


  • Payment Methods: