Restaurants and Cafes (without shisha) Activities License Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals and Businesses requesting to obtain a license to engage in the activities of restaurants and cafes (without shisha).

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Activities of restaurants and cafes (without shisha) license application form
  2. Approval from the official concerned entities on the activity, issued from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Tourist
  3. Identity Card
  4. Authorization letter (if there is an authorized personnel)
  5. Lease contract
  6. Letter from the applicant, states that the applicant has commit to abide the anti-smoking regulations
  7. Accurate site map
  8. The final approval from the Food Control Section

For closed smoking area:

Approval from the General Directorate of Civil Defense


For closed areas (non-smoking):

Commitment letter illustrates the comprehensive prohibition of smoking tobacco

   Important notes

  • Readiness:

Health requirements for the shop of practicing shisha activities engagements:

  • Roof and walls are built by using stone blocks and cement
  • Ceilings height should not be less than 2.5 meters
  • Provide a water tank with a suitable capacity connected to a safe source of water
  • Provide toilets in non-smoking area

Closed Halls:

  • The customers pathway should starts from non-smoking area
  • Space allocated for smokers should not exceed 50% of the customers lounge
  • The smoking area should be completely isolated from the non-smoking area
  • Smoking area should not allocated directly next to places of preparing food and beverages
  • The air conditioning system for the smoking area should be separated from the air conditioning system of non- smoking area
  • The Doors for smoking area should be automatic
  • Provide exhaust fans above the door for the smoking area
  • Food and drinks path should start from the non-smoking area
  • Prepare the non-smoking area with furniture and food tables
  • Provide electric traps for flies

For closed areas (non-smoking area):

  • Provide signs illustrates that smoking is prohibited at the entrance and inside the hall
  • Do not provide ashtrays on all the tables

Air conditioning and lighting:

  • Air vents in the smoking area should not be less than one-tenth of the floor space
  • Provide enough exhaust fans and light bulbs
  • Provide devices to filter the air in the smoking area
  • Provide air conditioning systems in smoking and non-smoking areas

Warning signs

  • Provide signs that illustrate the smoking and non-smoking areas
  • Provide signs that prohibit the entry of those under age 18 to the smoking area
  • Provide signs that prohibit smoking in the non-smoking areas
  • Others:
All application should be submitted through the application form prepared by Ministry of Health.


  • Payment Methods: