Request financial assistance to families in need or affected by fire or rain

To support needy Bahraini citizens, reducing their living burdens and contributing to their urgent needs and demands through the disbursement of financial assistance.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. A letter from the applicant clarifying the reason for submitting the application.
  2. The original copy of ID card for husband, wife and family members with a copy of them.
  3. Original marriage contract with a copy of it.
  4. Original divorce certificate of divorced and a copy thereof.
  5. A copy of the document proving the custody of the children showing the responsibility of custody (in case of divorce).
  6. Copy of the document proving the abandonment of the wife (in case of abandonment).
  7. Proof of income of the spouses in the case of work (original copy), stamped with original stamp if issued by the e-government, and dated no more than three months.
  8. Civil defense report (in case of fire).
  9. Official financial obligations only (proof of indebtedness from bank, or other statement of account of last three months approved by the bank).
  10. Fill in the help request form.


   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  1. To be a Bahraini national.
  2. Do not have more than one Commercial Registration.
  3. Income shall not exceed the standard specified for assistance by RCO.
  • Exceptions:
The applicant did not previously benefit from any of the Organizations services
  • Others:
The application must be submitted by the head of family or a person on his behalf


  • Payment Methods: