Program to support specific privileges for holders of the new national identity card for Disabled

In the framework of keeping pace with modern applications in various national initiatives and projects, the Ministry, in coordination with the Information and eGovernment Authority, merged the data of the disabled card with the upgraded version of the identity card as it provided the electronic identity card with data of the disabled and their type of disability. All persons with disabilities registered in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, who come more than 12 thousand, are able to replace their ID cards with the newly upgraded ones and saving them the hardship of seeking to issue a disability card. This facility helps to provide the best services and programs at the highest levels of quality, efficiency and security, in addition to ensuring that all benefits and privileges provided by government and private agencies and institutions are utilized easily and conveniently.
In addition to the above, all persons with disabilities registered in the Ministry's system and holders of the new ID card will receive all the benefits granted by the previous card. One main advantage is the benefit received from the discounts of a number of establishments and shops at a rate ranging from 5% to 50%, to obtain a poster for the parking spaces for persons with disabilities from the General Directorate of Traffic and to obtain a special lane in King Fahd Causeway and to enjoy a discount of half on the bridge crossing fees, as well as obtaining all the facilities and free games in gardens, parks and entertainment complexes, in addition to the facilities offered by the hospitals and government health centers. Moreover, the new ID holders could get healthy bedding and diaper free on a monthly basis, and much more privileges.

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