Medical Disbursement and Consultation Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals requesting to disburse medicines and obtain medical consultation from Salmaniya Medical Complex or any other pharmacy in the health centers.

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   Service Terms

  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  • Identity Card
  • Medical recipe
  • Referral Form for patients transferred from Salmaniya Medical Complex or King Hamad University Hospital

   Important notes

  • Exceptions:
For chronic diseases, the recipe should be stamped by the Salmaniya Medical Complexs pharmacy or King Hamad University Hospital to be disbursed by the pharmacy of the health centers where the medicine will not be disburse if the recipe is not stamped.
  • Others:
Patients with chronic diseases who disburse their medication every three months, treatment will be disburse for a period of one month only where the patient should return to the pharmacy at the health center to receive the medication for each month separately.


  • Payment Methods: