Frequency License Cancelation and Cancelation Microwave Frequencies Link Request

This service is provided by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Wireless licensing, Frequencies & Monitoring Directorate (WLFMD) to Businesses, Governmental and NGO Entities requesting to cancel the Frequencies License.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business , Government , NGOs ,

   Required Documents

To cancel the license, the applicant should send an official letter addressed to the Wireless licenses and Frequencies and Control Directorate illustrates one of the following procedures:

  1. Submit all the wireless devices to the Ministry of Interior
  2. Or Sale ofthe wireless devices to another user (after taking the required license)
  3. Or Export the wireless devices outside Kingdom of Bahrain
  4. Or Store the wireless devices at the owner’s and submit an official letter from the owner pledging to assume full legal responsibility toward the devices stored and not used or disposed without a prior written approval from the Wireless licenses and Frequencies and Monitoring Directorate
  5. Official letter addressed to the Wireless licenses and Frequencies and Control Directorate stating the authorization of one of the companies who deals with wireless devices to reset the current frequencies on the wireless equipment to a non-operational frequency.

   Important notes

  • Others:
Any use of wireless equipment or frequencies by the user after the cancellation without obtaining the necessary approvals will be considered illegal use and put the owner under a legal accountability.


  • Payment Methods:
  • Bank Transfer , Cash , Cheque ,
  • Service Fees:

BD 30 Application & License fees in case of selling the wireless equipment to another authorized Organization/Entity.