Stress and Over-strain from Work Ratification Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Businesses and Governmental Entities via Social Insurance Organization to obtain the Medical Committee decision in regards to medical conditions resulted from work stress and over-strain.

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   Required Documents

  1. Management report ratified and stamped by the specialized general stating:
    • Essential job and their specializations and the employee’s performance level
    • Employee’s assigned work and what has been accomplished in the actual or additional work time and the specified period for the accomplishment as well as the assignment orders and including the job description
    • Extraordinary efforts exerted prior to the data of injury or death
  2. A statement of the Diagnosis (for the living persons) or death certificate as well as all medical examinations and tests and x-rays and the medical entity that examined the case before the date of injury or death, especially if the case has been dealt with or transformed to the health insurance
  3. The employee’s treatment file before the date of injury or death
  4. A written notification ratified and stamped regarding the injury, released immediately after the injury illustrates the injury or sickness as well as the injured age at the time of injury or death where it should not be presented to the Committee if the injured age exceeded 60 years old

   Important notes

  • Others:
  1. The stress and overstrain should be caused by extra effort than normal effort, whether this effort has been made in the actual working time or in any extra time.
  2. The extra effort should be a result from commissioning the employee to do a specific work in time less than the time needed to accomplish this work or assigned to complete an assign job at a specific time in addition to the actual work.
  3. A direct correlation between the stress or overstrain from working medical condition.
  4. The duration of the stress or overstrain should be sufficient for the occurrence of the medical condition.
  5. The employee’s injury resulted from stress or overstrains in the work should be one of the following diseases:
    • A brain hemorrhage or clogged arteries of the brain when it is proven that there are a clear clinical signs.
    • Blockage of the coronary arteries of the heart when it is proven conclusively.
  6. The medical condition should not have been resulted from complications or progress of the previous existing medical condition.


  • Payment Methods:
  • Cash , Credit Card , Debit Card ,
  • Service Fees:
  • Free for Governmental Entities
  • BD 20 for Businesses