Temporary Withdrawal Request Study Postponed

This service is provided by the University of Bahrain for students who are requesting to withdraw from the semester or postpone their studies officially. The service is available twice along the study period for Bachelor student and once along the study period for master student.

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   Service Terms

  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Student ID Card
  2. Withdrawal Request Form
  3. Authorization application form (if applicable)

   Important notes

  • Exceptions:
Newly admitted or transfer students will not be eligible for withdrawal except after a whole semester period has elapsed
  • Others:
  • Withdrawal period should not exceed two consecutive or separate semesters
  • The deanship of admissions and registration is the body responsible for handling all procedures pertaining to withdrawal requests at filling in the relevant form
  • Reasons justifying the withdrawal must, at all times, be included with the supporting documentations
  • The withdrawal period should not be calculated within the period required for graduation


  • Payment Methods: