Expatriate Employee Absence From Work

Based on the Bahraini Labour Market law, employers have to report any employees who have been absent from work for more than 15 days without a legitimate reason. If any of the employees was reported as absent, the reported employees have the right to dispute the report, if they claim the opposite; otherwise they should leave the country if the reporting was legitimate.

In order to make the reporting transparent to both parties (the employee and the employer), LMRA has developed the below service, through which expatriate employees can check whether they have been reported to LMRA as absent by their employers.

The below list contains the names of all the expatriate employees who have been reported as having been absent from work for more than 15 days without permission. The name of each reported expatriate employee will remain displayed in the list for 30 days as part of the LMRA process of checking the veracity of any reports regarding absence from work.

Expatriate employees who were absent without justifiable reasons will have their work permits and residence permit cancelled and they must leave the country within 30 days from the time they were reported as absent.

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