Widows and Orphans Support

Sponsorship involves offering a monthly sum of money to orphans and widows, credited to their bank accounts, as per the eligibility requirements.

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   Required Documents

  • A copy of the legal obligation (if any).
  • A copy of the deceased's pension salary (in case he worked or retired).
  • A copy of the widow's salary (if she is working or retired).
  • A copy of a statement of non-subscription in insurance.
  • (If the deceased or the widow or both did not work).
  • Family rent income if there is commercial real estate rented to the family.
  • Proof of financial obligations, if any (official bank loans, tuition fees, housing rent).
  • A copy of a recent study statement for orphans proving the study (if studying).
  • A copy of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for the widow, and for orphans from 18 to 24 years old.


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