Marriage Contracts for Non-Bahrainis Issuance Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf to Individuals requesting to issue a marriage contract for non-Bahrainis, whether the man is Bahraini and the woman is foreigner, or if the man is foreigner and the woman is Bahraini.

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   Required Documents

1- To perform marriage contracts for non-Bahrainis, in particular the citizens of the following countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, the Philippines) must submit evidence of approval by the competent authorities in their country.
2- A certificate of medical examination before marriage for both parties approved by the Bahraini Ministry of Health if one of the parties to the contract is Bahraini.
3- Proof of the marital status of the fiancée from her country.
4- The presence of the suitor, the fiancée, her guardian, and the two witnesses.
5- Residency of one of the spouses in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
6- Those who have been married are required to submit documents proving their marital status.
7- The original work approval of the member of the Bahrain Defense Force or the security services for marital status.
8- Fill out the application form.

   Important notes

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Notes: Foreign papers must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bahrain or Certification (Apostle) and that all documents are translated into Arabic


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