Consumer Products Store Approval Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals requesting an approval for the consumer products storage to ensure that all the consumer products will not be damaged such as cosmetic products, perfume and cleaning products, house disinfectant products.

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   Service Terms

  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Commercial Registration for the business includes at least one activity that can be inspected
  2. Copy of valid Identity Card for the business owner or the authorized personnel
  3. Authorization letter for the personnel authorized
  4. The store lease contract includes the address if it is separated from the shop
  5. The store blueprint shows the location and address
  6. Related stakeholders approval form
  7. A list includes the type and amount of products to be stored

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  • The location must be away from any source of pollution, directly or indirectly, and from the sources of humidity
  • The space, lighting and ventilation should be suitable for workload and inventory quantity
  • The material used in construction and decor should be safe, and easy to clean, as well as it should protect the stored products from the change in temperature, humidity, dust and smells, bugs and rodents
  • The lower shelve should be at least 15 cm above the ground
  • The temperature in the store should not exceed 31 degrees centigrade , as well as to provide a thermometer in the store
  • Products requiring special storage conditions such as temperature or humidity should be stored in separate places in these circumstances where they can be controlled to meet the required storage conditions
  • Stores that has more than one consumer product should have a partition between them to store them in the proper manner and to prevent any possible pollution
  • Precautionary and preventive measures especially when storing herbs or hazardous materials, sensitive and flammable and compressed gases or very toxic materials
  • Check the expiry date of the products and provide a space for expired products (to keep them separated)
  • The employees from the Directorate are authorized to inspect the store at any time and the store owner should corporate with the employees to facilitate the task
  • Maintaining a clean store, dry and free of dust and debris and pests
  • Others:
  • The store’s types (large, medium and small) will be categorized by specialists based on the documents and information provided by the store owner such as the type of activities, workload and amount of material.
  • It is forbidden to conduct any other business besides storing the authorized products.


  • Payment Methods: