Packaging Cosmetics Cans License Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Businesses requesting to obtain a license to package or repackage cosmetic cans which are used externally on the human body like the skin, hair, nails, lips and teeth in suitable cans.

These products include:

  1. Skin care products, nails and lips like creams, lotions, powders, gels, oils and face masks with the exception of medical products peel.
  2. Face and eye makeup products.
  3. Hair care products like shampoos, creams, oils, dyes, gel, waving and straightener the hair products.
  4. Shower and bathroom products like soaps, foams and gels.
  5. Deodorants and anti- sweat odor
  6. Shaving products.
  7. Toothpastes.
  8. Hair chemical and nature removers
  9. Perfume, cologne, scented napkins and henna

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   Required Documents

Official required documents for repacking the cosmetics license:

  1. Copy of the enterprise’s Commercial Registration illustrates the allowed activities
  2. Copy of the applicant and the authorized person’s Identity Card
  3. Authorization letter from applicant to the authorized person to do all official proceeding required for this purpose
  4. Shop lease agreement showing the address and required facilities
  5. Engineering blueprint for repackaging place; stating the address, spaces and the following facilities (dressing room, store for primary row materials, store for containers and bottles and covers, packing machines area, final product store, toilets and sinks suitable with the workers number and equipped with a source of water, sewage network) with approximate sketch of the scope of work plan to ensure the fluidity of the work and the specialized place for it, to be approved by Public Health Directorate
  6. Approval of the concerned entities form
  7. Submit the request of cosmetics repacking activity license by filling the form
  8. Cosmetics to repackaged names typed or printed in the form ( table/ cosmetics package) that meets the definition and requirement of cosmetics package activity, as the applicant will take the responsibility of any false or misleading data in the table
  9. Signing the acknowledgment of receiving the procedures of packaging the cosmetics activity license and commit with the general conditions of the activity after viewing it and understand it and commit to implement all the instructions issued according to the rules and decisions of Ministry of Health


The required certificates and general conditions for cosmetics packaging activity:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate issued from the responsible entity in the country of origin, signed and stamped officially and documented by Bahraini Embassy in that country
  2. Free Sale Certificate (FSC) from the responsible entity in the country of origin, signed and stamped officially and documented by Bahraini Embassy in that country
  3. Ingredients Certificate with the percentages of materials within the combination as well as the stated function of each material signed and stamped by the manufacturing company
  4. Product Analysis Certificate from the manufacturing company or a certified laboratory or from the health authorities with primary raw materials specialist signed and stamped
  5. Containers validity certificate, to be:
    • Homogeneous and free of odd material and bulges and air pockets and manufacturing defects
    • Inactive and does not change or interact with the repackaged product taking into account the different of temperatures and the possibility of the disintegration of the chemical in the packaging or its interaction with the product
    • Resistance the dangers of transport, deliberate and storage without breaking or cracking and prevent changing the characteristics of the product in order to and protect it from damage
  6. Copy of the outer pack, inner pack and inner leaflet of the product illustrates the following data in Arabic and English:
  • Name of the product
  • Function of the product
  • How to use the product
  • Precautions
  • Side effects
  • Batch number
  • Date of package, manufacture and expiry
  • Validity
  • Storage conditions
  • Size of the containers
  • Not to mention any medical claims
  • State in writing (Packaged in Bahrain)

   Important notes

  • Readiness:

Health requirements for the enterprise to package the cosmetics:

  1. The location has to be far from any source of pollution or areas infected with rodents and the shops of selling and grazing poultry, birds and livestock
  2. The space, lighting and ventilation has to be suitable for the workload with the required air conditioning to maintain the product
  3. The floor and walls have to be made with a smooth materials that can be easily washed and clean up and safe to use
  4. The shop window has to contain a self-closing door and the enterprise should not be exposed
  5. Provide a sinks for hand wash with a source of water and a good sewerage, taking into account that the site does not permeate with any major watershed for sewerage
  6. The machines and tools used should not be subject to rust or corrosion or interaction with the product components
  7. Consider the general cleanliness of the place and constantly combat the insects as well as the rodents by providing traps and prevent the animals and birds from entering
  8. Provide large waste basket with a bag to collect the wasted materials and disposed it by an accredited methods
  9. The packaged cosmetics should be maintained and stored in an appropriate places and conditions and separate from toxic materials and dangerous such as detergent and pesticides

Instructions for workers in the package cosmetics enterprises:

  1. Workers should be provided with coats, gloves and masks and other safety tools
  2. The workers should follow the rules of healthy packing and fully comply with the personal hygiene such as clean clothes, trimming nails, wash the hands before starting the work
  3. Comply with occupational and personal health and take the necessary periodical examinations according to the regulations of the concerned entities and isolate infected employees
  • Exceptions:

Cosmetics package, sale, prevent the circulation, permit cancelation or withdraw from the market; will be forbidden if any of the following cases occurred:

  1. If it not conformed with items listed in this license or not conformed to the conditions and certified decisions by Ministry of Health.
  2. If it appears toxicity or lack of quality or ineffective or were unfit for human consumption or if it contains impurities by more than the allowable percentage or when the appearance of serious side effects according to the information contained or based on official reports from the users.
  3. If the original product imported illegally or based on incorrect information.
  • Others:
  1. It is forbidden to practice any other occupation or activity within the enterprise which is converse to the activity mentioned in the license issued by the Ministry of Health and the Commercial Registration.
  2. Must take the approval of the concerned entities to place an advertisement about the cosmetics products in different media.
  3. The license should be renewed annually from the approved date and submit the renewal request before one month from expiry date.
  4. Authorized employees from the Directorate are allowed to inspect the enterprise and find contraventions, and take random samples from final packed cosmetic before distribution in the market or sale to customers to check it by specialists and asks the applicant to analyses the cosmetic on his own expenses in certified laboratory at a private expense to check the quality and if it is free from microscopic organisms and heavy metals and its validity for human use.
  5. The final packed cosmetic should be stored in suitable places approved by concerned entity.
  6. The approval of license activity will be granted after:
  • Receive all the required documents and certificates for this license.
  • A field visit to the enterprise to detect and report its conformity with general and health conditions approved by Ministry of Health.


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