Tobacco Products Selling Activity License Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health to Individuals and Businesses requesting to obtain a license for tobacco product selling activity or import and export activity or raw tobacco leaves sale shops.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

Sale activity only:

  1. Official parties approval form that contain on tobacco sale activity issued from Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Tourism
  2. Copy of applicant’s Identity Card and the authorized person
  3. Copy of the lease agreement
  4. An obligation letter from the applicant to commitment with anti-smoking and all types of tobacco law and executive decisions
  5. Color photos for front of the shop and place for display the tobacco products

Import and Export activity:

  1. Receipt issued from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Tourism proving the purchasing of exclusive gulf specifications for tobacco products
  2. Obligation letter of not to import any of tobacco products and equipment before take an approval from Ministry of Health

   Important notes

  • Readiness:

Sale activity only:

  • Personal attendance of the applicant or person on his behalf by an official authorization
  • The shop should closed by glass side with automatic door closed
  • Provide a box with glass door and lock, with an area not less than half meter square to display the Cigarette packs
  • Allocate a closed area not less than 3 meters square to display all Tobacco products (in case of selling all types of tobacco)
  • Post a clear sign in entrance and inside the shop shows the prohibition of smoking
  • Post a clear sign in place of display tobacco products shows that prohibition of selling the tobacco to those under 18 years
  • The shop of display tobacco products should have an air condition facility


Import and Export activity:

  • Provide a store expand to imported tobacco shipments
  • The store of imported tobacco shipment should have an air condition facility


Raw Tobacco leaves sale shops:

  • Install exhaust fan
  • Provide hand sink with secure source for water to wash hands
  • Provide tables to display tobacco leaves
  • Others:
Sale activity only: There should be no advertising or promotional photos for tobacco products.


  • Payment Methods: