Resort Establishment License Issuance Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to Businesses requesting to obtain a license to establish a resorts and spas in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Business ,

   Required Documents

For the initial visit:

  1. An approval form from Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism official entities
  2. Copy of the Identity Card and passport
  3. Articles of Association draft (for Businesses)
  4. Copy of land/property ownership
  5. Aerial Map of the site
  6. Written consent from the property owner if leased
  7. Feasibility study of the project including:
    • Project details
    • Start date and the end of the project
    • Project Cost
    • Proportion of employment
  8. Copy of the manager’s qualifications and practical experience in resorts management
  9. Bank statement showing the financial position of the project

For the final visit:

  1. Commercial Registration
  2. Approval from all official entities

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  1. Site should be located in a tourism area as approved by the Tourism Sector
  2. Minimum land area is 1,000 square meters


  • Payment Methods: