Private Subjects Checking Request

This service is provided by the Ministry of Education to the transferred students from higher educational institutions to private higher educational institutions requesting to obtain a no-objection letter for the equivalency of subjects through checking the private subjects.

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   Required Documents

  1. A letter from the University states the request of issuing no-objection of implementing the equivalency letter.
  2. Equivalent subjects schedule (Taking into consideration the total number of credit hours and the degree or grade of equivalent material)
  3. Copy of student’s status affidavit (holds a degree, withdrawer, dismissed or visitor)
  4. Transcript taking into account the following conditions:
    • To be certified by the General Secretariat in case of equivalent subjects from a private institution of higher education.
    • To be certified by the official authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy) for universities outside Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. The student’s study plan stating his personal data, accredited with a signature and the university stamp.
  6. The student’s transcript from hid current university
  7. Copy of the general secondary certificate


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