Medical Treatment Assistant

To support nationals who face medical problems by financial assistance based on type of illness.

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  • Target User Group:
  • Individuals ,

   Required Documents

  1. Letter from the applicant for assistance highlighting the nature of the illness and the required treatment.
  2. Original copy of the husbands and wife and children’s ID cards and a copy of them.
  3. A copy of the patient`s birth certificate, if he/she is under 18 years old.
  4. A copy of document proving the custody of the children showing the responsibility of custody (in case of divorce).
  5. A recent medical report dated no later than 6 months with original hospital stamp ( preferably in Arabic).
  6. Proof of income of working husband wife(original copy)originally stamped if issued by e-government.
  7. Proof of income of self-employed husband and wife.
  8. Official financial obligations only (proof of debs from the bank or statement of account for the last 3 months approved by the bank).

   Important notes

  • Readiness:
  1. A Bahraini national.
  2. Medical Reports, approved by authorized parties, must highlight required treatment and were issued no longer than 6 months.
  3. Income shall not exceed the standard specified for assistance by RCO.
  • Exceptions:
The bank statement is not accepted


  • Payment Methods: