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This service aims to provide physiotherapy services to beneficiaries with special needs. The department of Physical Therapy receives many children who suffer from varying degrees of disability and physical difficulties and are trained according to specific programs. Some of the cases that can benefit from the physiotherapy treatment services:

  • Cases of cerebral palsy and paraplegia.
  • Cases of mental retardation whom suffer from mobility and physical difficulties.
  • Cases of joint dislocation.
  • Cases of hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.
  • Delays in growth according to certain factors.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a Bahraini Citizen.
  • Must not be less than 1 year old and not above 15 years.
  • To suffer from mental retardation - average - or severe or cerebral palsy.
  • Not suffering from behavioral or psychological disorders that might cause harm to himself/herself.
  • To provide a doctor's approval to begin physiotherapy.
  • Adherence and commitment of parents to all Center's rules under a  pledge to be signed by the parents.
  • Pass the abilities exam and respond to the evaluation stages.

Acceptance Procedures

  1. The applicant's or anyone on his/her behalf attendance at the NBB Rehabilitation Center, and submitting the application form with the relevant documents.
  2. The official/social researcher will review the application and verify if the applicant is eligible or not.
  3. If the applicant is not eligible, the application will be rejected and the applicant will be informed about the reason of rejection.
  4. If the applicant is eligible, the official/social researcher will schedule a session with the physiotherapist and inform the applicant or the person on his behalf about the scheduled date and time.
  5. For the application to be approved, the child should be transferred by the physiotherapist or the Ministry of Social Development provided that the medical report includes the patient's condition since birth.
  6. A file is opened for the patient by the social researcher.
  7. Appointments will be scheduled and transportations will be provided when needed.
  8. Patient attends the therapy to identify his/her physical skills through playing games (First session).
  9. Simple exercises and step by step treatments will be given (Second Session).
  10. Sessions to continue according to a certain schedule (Two to Three weeks).
  11. Patient will be transferred to the Orthopedic Center at Salmaniya Hospital to create splints.
  12. Guardian will be trained on how to perform the exercises at home and practically insure the correct performance of these exercises.
  13. Guide the family to the devices needed by the patient at home (awareness/place).
  14. With the continuity of treatment, a specialist and an orthopedic surgeon are consulted for follow-up.
  15. Guardian to be referred to the authorized entity based on child's disabilities and difficulties (pronunciation treatment,  medical treatment, educational games, artificial limbs, medical shoes, etc.)
  16. Meeting parents and children in entertaining programs outside the Center (trips, festivals, etc.)
  17. Filling out a service completion form for the completion of the service.
  18. Recalling the child for follow-up after the service completion twice a year.

Documents Required

  • Medical Report certified by the concerned authority determining the type and degree of disability in Arabic language.
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • A copy of the child's smart card.
  • A recent photo of the child.
  • Previous Educational Certificates (if any).

Center Address

NBB Rehabilitation Home for Disable Children

Building no. 1045, Road no. 1403, Block no. 814

Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17685282 - 17686250

Fax: 17680379

P.O. Box: 32868

Work Timings of the Center

From Sunday to Thursday: 07:00 am - 1:10 pm



Page Last Updated: 09 Aug, 2015