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Day Care (Rehabilitative Classes)

Day Care (Rehabilitative Classes)Day Care (Rehabilitative Classes)

This service provides day care for children with multi-disability to help ease the burden on their families. The Day Care Center provides training for mothers on how to take care for their children with disabilities. The Day Care Center also provides services  including welfare, entertainment, educational and psychological services in coordination with the psychiatric hospital- childerns' section.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be a Bahraini Citizen.
  • Must be intellectually disabled (minor, moderate or severe intensity) or cerebral palsy.
  • Student age must be between 6 and 16 years old.
  • Must be free of infectious diseases or mental diseases.
  • The medical report from the psychiatric hospital must prove that he/she suffers from an intellectual disability and does not suffer from physical disorders.
  • Must be physically stable and able to learn with an IQ between 30-50 by WISC or 40-26 degrees on the Stanford-Binet test, or any other equivalent intelligence tests.

Registration Procedures

  1. Application to be submitted by the guardian to the Social Center of his area of residence, with the required documents for registration.
  2. Social Center conducts a comprehensive research to identify the  requested details.
  3. Social center conducts comprehensive research to ensure the request details.
  4. After confirming the required documents and conducting the comprehensive research, record is transferred to the rehabilitation centers based on the type of disability and age of the child.

Acceptance Procedures

  1. Applications can submitted in person, or by any family member or  guardian.
  2. Receive the transferred request letter from the ministry.
  3. Contact the guardian to take an appointment in the center to evaluate the child's abilities.
  4. Evaluate the academic abilities for the child (Academic Evaluation).
  5. Social researcher transfers the request to The psychologist for evaluation.
  6. Transfer and present the request to the physiotherapist to determine child's needs.
  7. Schedule a meeting with the Technical Committee to accept the child (Confirm the request validity for the Center).
  8. Contact the guardian to schedule the meeting to confirm the requirements.
  9. Inform the guardian about the following:
  • Pledge Form.
  • Medical Examination Form.
  • Uniform request form and its receipt.
  • Arrange for transportation with the administrative supervisor.
  • Determine the distribution of new cases based on the mental level and the needs within the classroom.

Documents Required

  • Pledge form.
  • Medical Report certified by the concerned authority determining the type and degree of disability in Arabic language.
  • Vaccination Certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • A copy of the smart card of the child.
  • A recent photo of the child.
  • Previous Educational Certificates (if any).

Centers Address

The Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center

Building no. 4265, Road no. 1218, Block no. 812

Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17102321

Fax: 17686764

Email: a&

P.O. Box: 32868


BBK Rehabilitation Center

Building no. 4446, Road no. 1215, Block no. 812

Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17102320

Fax :17686764


P.O. Box: 32868


Shaikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Speech Center

Building no. 189, Road no. 37, Block no. 933

East Riffa - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17102319

Fax: 17622507

P.O. Box: 32868


Disabled Child Day Care Center

Building no. 2, Road no. 1215, Block no. 812

Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17102328 - 17102318

Fax: 17687890

P.O. Box: 32868


NBB Rehabilitation Home for Disable Children

Building no. 1045, Road no. 1403, Block no. 814

Isa Town - Kingdom of Bahrain

Telephone: 17685282 - 17686250

Fax: 17680379

P.O. Box: 32868

Work Timings of the Centers

From Sunday to Thursday: 07:00 am - 1:10 pm


Page Last Updated: 09 Aug, 2015