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General Questions

What services are available by the Public Prosecution through the e-Government portal?
The Public Prosecution provides the following e-services:

  • Case inquiry.
  • Submission of requests regarding a case, including:
    • Retrieval of bail.
    • Urgent action on the case.
    • Statement about the case status.
    • Complaint against a decision of dismissal.
    • Rehabilitation.
    • Lifting travel ban.
    • Access to the case.
    • Copy of lawsuit papers.
    • Copy of judgment or criminal order.
  • Inquiry about the status of requests.
  • Power of attorney application (for lawyers only).
  • Issuance of certificates including:
    • Exclusion certificate for a defendant from the case.
    • Statement about the case status.
    • Execution of punishment certificate.
    • Statute of limitations and punishment expiry certificate.
    • Final certificate for the lawsuit.
  • Management of requests submitted to the Public Prosecution.
  • Payment of criminal orders.
  • Request for financial amounts retrieval, including:
    • Bail.
    • Fine.
    • Criminal deposit.
    • Expert fees.
  • Verification of certificate validity.

Is there a specific timeframe for the expiration of certificates?

  • The validity of certificates expires 3 months from the date of issuance except for the certificate regarding the case status, which has a validity of only 15 days unless the Public Prosecution takes any action on the case.

How do I log in to the Public Prosecution's e-services?
Use the basic level of the e-Key.

What are the requirements for submitting e-service requests?

  • The case must be registered with the Public Prosecution.
  • The applicant must be a party to the case.
  • The applicant must be registered with the e-Key.

How can I track the status of a request I have submitted?
You can track the status of the request you have submitted through the "Inquiry about the status of requests" service.

Is it possible to submit a request more than once?
You cannot submit a request more than once if the request is under process. However, you can resubmit the request after completing the procedures of the first request.

What are the documents required to be attached when submitting requests?

  • Copy of the smartcard.
  • Request explanation brief.
  • Copy of judgment papers (if available).
  • Copy of the power of attorney (if the applicant is a lawyer).
  • Any other documents the applicant sees fit to enhance the request.

Is the certificate addressed to a specific entity?

  • The certificate is addressed “to whom it may concern.”

Can a certificate request be submitted while the case is still in progress?

  • A certificate request can be submitted if the case status changes by the Public Prosecution.

What are the documents required to be attached when submitting a request for financial amounts retrieval?

  • Bail, Fine, Criminal Deposit:
    • Copy of the smartcard (mandatory)
    • Copy of a bank statement containing account details (mandatory)
  • Expert fees:
    • Copy of the smartcard (mandatory)
    • Copy of a bank statement containing account details (mandatory)
    • Copy of evidence of the expert's appointment (mandatory)

Lawyers-Related Questions

What are the conditions that need to be met to submit requests through the online service?

  1. The case must be registered with the Public Prosecution.
  2. The lawyer must have power of attorney for one of the case parties.
  3. The lawyer must be registered in eKey.
  4. The lawyer must hold a license registered with Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.

Why am I not able to view my clients’ case details?
To view the case details as a lawyer, you need to apply a Power of Attorney request to be reviewed and approved by the Public Prosecution. Accordingly, you will be able to see the case details.

What are the required documents to be attached while submitting a Power of Attorney request?
A copy of a power of attorney.

Page Last Updated: 30 Apr, 2024