Be part of the decision-making process.

We provide you with empowering digital channels to enable you to present your opinions and ideas about current and future legislation, economic projects, and development affairs in the Kingdom. We consult with you through field surveys to measure your opinion on topics of interest to you to help achieve a better future for all.

You can participate and voice your opinions and suggestions through the following:

Information & Communication Technologies 

  • The TRA’s online consumer survey: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) listens to the public when it intends to take measures that have a tangible impact on a particular telecommunications market.


  • UPDA’s Customer Service Centre Evaluation: The Urban Planning and Development Authority (UPDA) runs polls and surveys to further develop the Kingdom and achieve a balance between citizens’ aspirations and the Bahrain National Detail Land Use Plan.

Planning and Development


Use the provided eServices immediately, effortlessly, and around the clock Go to eServices Portal.

Government Services Catalogue

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Content Last Updated: 13 Aug, 2023

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