Bahrain’s Most Important Digital-First Initiatives

Sijilat (Commercial Registration Portal)

The Sijilat system has made it easier than ever to do business in Bahrain by offering a single online portal where businesses can apply for, change and renew their commercial registrations. Businesses can also make inquiries without physically visiting a government service centre, saving time and energy. For users who are unfamiliar with how to use the system, assistants are available at the centre to offer guidance and support.

National Taxation System

The iGA, along with the National Bureau of Revenue and Bahrain Customs Affairs, has built a national taxation system for Bahrain on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The first of its kind in the region, it has set an example for others to follow.

The system provides a full range of services related to taxation including VAT payer registration, filing, payments, refunds, audit/risk assessment and ancillary services such VAT lookup, newsletters, public awareness campaigns and more.

National Social Health Insurance Program (Sehati)

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 3 related to good health and wellbeing, one of the main objectives of Bahrain’s National Health Plan is the adoption of a Social Health Insurance program (Sehati) to develop the quality of the current health system and ensure sustainability.

Sehati aims to build a patient-centered system with high-quality standards, covering both locals and expatriates. It is also intended to revolutionise the local health sector through better utilisation of the available resources while overcoming pressing challenges, which are mainly due to the rapid increase in population.

Financial Support Services System

The Ministry of Social Development uses the Financial Support Services System to improve the services it offers and makes it easier for beneficiaries to request support. The Social Information System is seamlessly integrated with other eGovernment systems so that services can be analyzed and tracked.

National Gateway Infrastructure

The National Gateway Infrastructure creates a unified electronic platform that supports the electronic integration of government systems, according to consistent standards and policies. This improves eServices delivery so that each government entity can utilise any service offered by another entity.

National Enterprise Architecture (NEA)

NEA is an aggregation of models and meta-models, governance and compliance mechanisms, technology standards and guidelines put together to guide effective development and implementation of Enterprise Architecture (EA) by government entities across the country.


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Content Last Updated: 22 Aug, 2023

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