Women's Equality & Empowerment

Securing women's rights and providing them with the opportunities to reach their full potential is critical, not only for attaining gender equality, but also for meeting a wide range of international development goals.

Women in Bahrain play a substantial role within the community and have defiantly played a major role in the country’s advancement and development. Moreover, empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of their families, communities, and countries, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone. Hence, with an aim to incorporate all members of society and implement the concept of “Leaving No One behind”, and supporting the 5th Goal within the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gender Equality; the Kingdom has ensured providing equal opportunities to both genders and all generations.

Women in Bahrain have a strong presence in many fields within the community, from health, to education, sports, judicial field, ICT, and more; paving the way for women achieve their sense of physical and financial dependence at their own time and comfort.

Moreover, based on its firm belief in the importance of women as an active and key players in shaping Bahrain’s economic future, Tamkeen launched a series of initiatives in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Women to support women in the business world. These initiatives encouraged women not only to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses, but also enabled them to advance in their careers, thereby enhancing Bahraini women’s chances of success and their contribution to their country’s economic development. Tamkeen has also developed special indicators and measure to ensure their inclusion in their strategy and development programs, for more information, please visit their website.

Additionally, the Royal Humanitarian Foundation provides comprehensive care for orphans and widows through various aspects. The Customer Services Department satisfies the financial, educational, health and psychological needs of widows and orphans, in addition to the humanitarian assistance provided to eligible citizens in general. A list of services are offered to women and vulnerable groups in the Kingdom through the Royal Humanitarian Foundation mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. The foundation works closely with private sector organizations to enable their social responsibility strategies.

On another note, the Bahrain Development Bank also has special programs and financial services to empower women entrepreneurs, through the Women Business Finance Scheme "Riyadat". For more information, please visit their website

The Supreme Council for Women has developed an app dedicated to display the Gender Balance Indicators (Arabic only) across different sectors within Bahrain, including health, education, family, and economic and political participation. The app is available for download for iOS devices.


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Content Last Updated: 24 Aug, 2023

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