Digital Back-Office Operations

Streamlining service delivery for improved productivity and SDG congruence.

Bahrain's eGovernment strategy aims to streamline digital service back-office operations, focusing on streamlining government interoperability in a whole-of-government approach and enhancing customer experience through digital channels. Cutting-edge technologies are adopted for public service delivery. We believe that eGovernment success relies on continuously reforming back-office processes and enhancing front-office services.
The Bahrain government National Portal “," aims to provide a single-window online platform for all government services. Additionally, Bahrain has been implementing digital technologies in various sectors, such as oil & gas, logistics, banking, airport services, and many more, to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

The Digital Government of Bahrain has digitized much of the back-office work at several government entities with many initiatives that embrace the whole-of-government approach with massive integration and interoperation framework across multiple government systems to provide constituents with the best user experience while availing public services.

  • The Ministry of Industry & Commerce has developed Sijillat (the national business licensing platform), where all business licensing establishments and activities can be completed in a single application. 
  • Through Al Tajir app (businesses support mobile app), business owners can process multiple transactions related to several public entities in one transaction. 
  • The Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs has established a single government service platform (Benayat). This window allows businesses and individuals to interact with all government agencies through a single portal to complete building permits and other services. 
  • The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) has implemented a cloud-based platform for its back-office operations. This platform has improved the efficiency and accuracy of its processes and made it easier for employees to access data and applications. This will free up employees to focus on more strategic work.
  • NHRA has Introduced new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies can be used to improve efficiency and accuracy in back-office operations at NHRA.
  • The Customs Affairs has automated its clearance process for imports and exports. This has reduced the time it takes to clear goods, and it has also improved the accuracy of the process.
  • The Ministry of Interior has introduced a new artificial intelligence-powered system for fraud detection. This system has helped to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, which has saved the government millions of dollars.

There are all examples of initiatives that streamline the back-office operation integration with a single-window experience. These initiatives aim to make government more efficient and effective and improve the customer experience. Overall, Bahrain is embracing digital transformation to improve the delivery of public services and increase efficiency in back-office operations.

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Content Last Updated: 28 Aug, 2023

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