Providing equal rights and opportunities for all individuals in the Kingdom.

To ensure that the Kingdom of Bahrain remains one of the best places in the world to live, policies and legislation are in place to create an environment where people are as equal as possible before the law. The aim is to cater to all segments of society, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, or abilities, fulfilling several Social Development Goals (SDGs).

Among its foremost priorities, the Kingdom of Bahrain reached its ‘Health-for-All’ objective in the early 1990s, when comprehensive health services were made available to all citizens and residents, an achievement which continues to this day. The government provides free health care for citizens from birth, providing specialised care to even the most vulnerable members of society.

The Kingdom also ensures that education is available to all who are willing to learn. Education is free for citizens attending government schools, and older individuals can still obtain their education through literacy and continuing education programmes provided by the Ministry of Education. Moreover, the Special Education Directorate offers programmes and curriculums for the disabled, which are also delivered through schools.

Meanwhile, the Information & eGovernment Authority is tasked with ensuring that government eServices are the best they can possibly be, while being made available to everyone through their preferred channel of choice.

Last, but not least, the Kingdom of Bahrain has long ensured that women enjoy equal rights to men before the law, helping them thrive, and providing balance and diversity in business and society.


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Content Last Updated: 10 Aug, 2023

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