Governments must anticipate, strategize, and implement measures for potential disruptions.

The Bahrain government is committed to future-proofing its digital government. This means that the government is constantly looking for ways to improve its digital infrastructure and to make sure that its systems and services are resilient to future challenges. 

Here are the ways that the Bahrain government is future-proofing its digital government: 

Dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI): Bahrain is embracing AI to automate tasks, enhance decision-making, and offer personalized citizen services. AI streamlines visa processing and delivers customized tax advice.  

Digital Talent Pool: Bahrain is invested in education to cultivate a skilled digital workforce for maintaining and advancing its digital infrastructure. Tamkeen, in cooperation with Bahrain Polytechnic and Microsoft Corporation, launched the Artificial Intelligence Academy at Bahrain Polytechnic, which provides a platform for young men and women to boost their innovation and creative capabilities. This academy is the first of its kind in the Middle East and aims to train and qualify students from various schools and universities across Bahrain as well as their teachers. 

Creative Culture of Innovation: The Bahrain government is committed to creating a culture of innovation. This means that the government is encouraging its employees to experiment with innovative technologies and to find new ways to improve government services. 

Cybersecurity: The Bahrain government is investing in cybersecurity to protect its digital infrastructure from cyber-attacks. This includes investing in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and security awareness training for employees.  

Data Accessible and Interoperable: Bahrain is enhancing data accessibility and interoperability, enabling seamless data sharing among government agencies. This streamlines services and enhances public access to information. 

Engaging Citizens in the Digital Government Transformation: Bahrain involves citizens in digital transformation, seeking their input to enhance services. Social media is used for communication and feedback on digital initiatives. 

National Blockchain Strategy: Bahrain has developed a national blockchain strategy to enhance government service efficiency and transparency. One example is the tracking food supply chain movements using blockchain. 


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Content Last Updated: 28 Aug, 2023

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