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Bahrain offers internet bandwidth to connect to regional nodes in MENA, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. With strong market conditions created by high mobile penetration, the roll-out of commercial 5G and a business-friendly regulatory environment, Bahrain offers an ideal testbed for communication technology companies looking to take advantage of a region undergoing rapid digital transformation and technological advances.

The Telecommunication Law of Bahrain has stipulated the establishment of an independent entity (BNET) to enable a Smart and Connected Kingdom by Providing Accessible and Reliable Fiber Connectivity with Fair and Reasonable Prices.

The Telecommunication Plan sets out the Government's strategic plan and general policy for the telecommunications sector of the Kingdom, covering the three years commencing from the date of its publication.

The Telecommunications Law of the Kingdom of Bahrain mandates that any individual or entity operating a telecommunications network utilizing the radio frequency spectrum in Bahrain or using any radio communications equipment related to such a network must hold a frequency license.

A frequency license is required for both personal and professional use of telecommunications equipment. Anyone using such equipment for business or leisure activities must obtain a license in accordance with the law.

To ensure compliance with regulatory standards, all telecom equipment imported into Bahrain by individuals or businesses must receive approval from the authorities before it can be utilized or made available in the local market.  Requests for approval must be submitted via the Wireless Licensing, Frequency & Monitoring eServices for equipment such as:

  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Terminal Equipment
  • Passive Equipment (External Antenna)

By obtaining the necessary frequency license, individuals and businesses can ensure their compliance with the Telecommunications Law and operate their telecommunications networks and equipment in a legal and secure manner.

The National Frequency Plan is a strategic plan for distributing radio frequency spectrum in the Kingdom of Bahrain, designed to support the telecommunications sector and align with global and local requirements, as well as the demands of the digital economy and 4th industrial revolution technologies. Bahrain is among the first Arab countries to adopt a four-year plan for this purpose.

The NFP is based on the needs of the ICT sector in Bahrain and the findings of the World Radio Conference (WRC-19), and aims to manage the frequency spectrum effectively, raise its efficiency, and create the necessary conditions for future expansion and new technology advancements. It also seeks to unify international technical specifications in accordance with the needs of telecommunication service users.

By strengthening the infrastructure of the national broadband networks, the NFP supports the Kingdom’s rapid development in the ICT sector and its contribution to the Government Work Plan. The NFP is available for viewing in a PDF format that spans 165 pages and is an essential resource for anyone involved in the telecommunications sector in Bahrain.

National Frequency Plan Chart

The National Frequency Plan Chart is an invaluable resource for understanding the radiocommunication services permitted in all frequency bands in Bahrain. It provides a general, comprehensive visual guide that is essential for anyone operating in the telecommunications sector.

To access this important resource, you can view the National Frequency Plan chart in PDF format. The chart is available for download and provides a clear overview of the permitted radiocommunication services in Bahrain.

Apply for a Frequency License

If you require a frequency license for your operations in Bahrain, you can use the Wireless Licensing, Frequency & Monitoring eServices to apply for a new license. This online platform allows governmental entities, companies, and individuals to look up the requirements for issuing frequency licenses and submit applications with ease.

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Content Last Updated: 23 Aug, 2023

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