Low-Code Development: Simplifying Application Creation

The Shift to Low-Code Platforms in Software Development.

Traditional software crafting meant constructing from the ground up, often demanding extended periods and intricate knowledge. But as software needs surge, swifter, more effective development techniques are in order.

Enter low-code platforms: these visual development arenas cater to speedy application creation with limited manual coding. They come equipped with ready-to-use templates, effortless drag-and-drop functions, and preset business logic for swift app generation. Their rising acclaim can be attributed to their potential to slash development duration, bolster adaptability, and economize costs.

Low-code platforms have arisen as solutions to contemporary software development challenges. By enabling app creation with scarce coding, they present a user-friendly interface where pre-configured components can be easily adjusted to suit user preferences. This ease of use translates to a significant dip in development resources and time, making market adaptability swift for enterprises. Moreover, it brings non-coders into the development sphere, bridging the gap and enhancing team cohesion.

In essence, leveraging low-code platforms offers avenues to expedite software creation, economize expenses, and foster a collaborative environment between tech-savvy and non-tech individuals. The outcome? Faster launches, heightened flexibility, and a competitive edge in the business landscape.


The Advantages of Low-Code in Modernizing the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) of Bahrain

Low code emerges as a groundbreaking strategy for software development, allowing applications to be built with considerably less hands-on coding. Unlike the traditional coding environment where developers manually script every detail, low-code showcases a visually-driven methodology. In this setup, the development process is streamlined using drag-and-drop techniques, translating intricate coding into simple graphic components.

Bahrain's Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has adeptly incorporated low-code methodologies into its operational blueprint. This incorporation has also fast-tracked their journey toward digital transformation and catalyzed the development of innovative, user-friendly e-Services for Bahrain's residents.

Highlighted below are some stellar achievements of the iGA facilitated by the low-code approach:

  • Introduction of the BeAware Bahrain App: As a countermeasure to the COVID-19 crisis, the iGA unveiled the BeAware Bahrain app. It is connected with pivotal government databases and taps into artificial intelligence and big data analytics. This app was crucial in evaluating data from more than 500,000 affected individuals, providing valuable insights to Bahrain's medical professionals.
  • Diverse Range of eServices: iGA has proficiently launched over 500 eServices spread across varied digital touchpoints, such as the National Portal bahrain.bh, handy eKiosks, and specialized mobile apps. These eServices span numerous sectors like health, education, transport, finance, and tourism.
  • Economic Prudence and Surge in Transactions: Moving vital government services to the online realm resulted in an impressive 82% decrease in operational costs for the iGA. Concurrently, digital transactions saw a 38% upswing. This pivotal shift guarantees that e-Services are dispensed swiftly and effectively, resonating with the citizens' anticipations.
  • Promoting Innovation: Adopting low-code platforms has infused a spirit of inventiveness within the iGA's developer network. This forward-thinking mindset paved the way for invaluable public services, like the National Suggestions & Complaints System Tawasul, a platform for the public to share suggestions and grievances with any government body.

To sum it up, the iGA's embrace of low-code platforms epitomizes the revolutionizing potential of contemporary software development, positioning Bahrain at the pinnacle of digital progression.


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Content Last Updated: 23 Aug, 2023

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