Empowering the Future: Bahrain's Commitment to Nurturing its Youth.

The Kingdom of Bahrain believes in its young generation as the drivers of the future. The government has taken serious steps in building their capabilities, supporting them and engaging them to be leaders. Bahrain fosters the development of essential skills and knowledge among its young population by providing access to cutting-edge technology, comprehensive career guidance, and valuable mentorship.  

Several government initiatives have been introduced to support skills development and entrepreneurship such as: 

  • Comprehensive business support for young entrepreneurs through Startup programs offering startup funding, management expertise, assistance with growing your revenue, and help as you move to scale. Tamkeen supports Startup Ecosystem in Bahrain to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with each other, with investors, and with government agencies.  
  • Youth City 2030 by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, aims to refine and help shape the talents of young people, as well as give them excellent training opportunities to further qualify them and unlock their creative energies. The city has become one of the most important training projects for young people, helping to raise their level of skills and contributing to creating a generation of Bahrainis qualified to participate effectively in the overall development of the Kingdom. 
  • Al Mustashar, Lamea, and Baader by the Ministry of Youth Affairs have been established to ensure that the voices and perspectives of the youth are acknowledged and considered when formulating policies and devising innovative solutions to prevailing challenges. 
  • Youth Enabling Center Service for youth empowerment to meet their needs in various fields. ​ 
  • Bahrain support to Beban, an entrepreneurship shark-tank contest TV show that supports young entrepreneurs to upscale their businesses and innovative ideas through engagement with potential investors. 

Bahrain government is also supporting entrepreneurship through a number of other initiatives, such as: 

  • The Bahrain Business Incubator provides space and resources for startups to grow and develop. 
  • The Bahrain Entrepreneurship Center, which offers training and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs. 

The Bahrain government's commitment to supporting entrepreneurship is helping to create a more vibrant and dynamic economy in the country. 


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Content Last Updated: 05 Sep, 2023

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