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The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs & waqf is the body entrusted with laying the foundations of justice in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council (Arabic only) and all parties related to the justice system and law enforcement. Its tasks include all administrative aspects of court functions.

The Ministry’s vision is to preserve rights and freedoms as well as public and private funds, in accordance with the Kingdom’s constitution and laws. It aims to achieve this through an independent, effective, and specialised judicial body; an efficient legal and administrative system that relies on qualified national talents; and by facilitating procedures through advanced technologies. This helps it achieve judiciary independence, create respect for the rule of law, and keep pace with political, social, and cultural developments. It also supports Bahrain’s image as a destination for investment, helping to strengthen its reputation locally and internationally by offering highly efficient, cost-effective, and transparent judicial services.

In line with its commitment to keep pace with social developments and embrace new technology, the Ministry provides many of its services through the National Portal, including those for execution courts, announcements, cases, licenses, agencies, and others.


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Content Last Updated: 25 Jun, 2024

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