Wireless and Frequency Communication

Frequency License

Under the Telecommunications Law of the Kingdom of Bahrain any person or entity that operates a telecommunications network that uses radio frequency spectrum in Bahrain or is using any radio communications equipment associated with such a network, is required to hold a frequency license.

A frequency license is required if you are using telecommunications equipment for a business need or leisure activities.

All telecom equipment imported into Bahrain by individuals or by businesses must get approval for the authorities before it can be used and made readily available in the local market. A request must be submitted via the Wireless Licensing, Frequency & Monitoring eServices for the following equipment:

  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Terminal Equipment
  • Passive Equipment (External Antenna)

The National Frequency Plan

The kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first Arab countries to adopt a four-year plan for distributing radio frequency spectrum in line with global and local requirements, and aligned with the requirements of the Digital Economy, and 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies. The National Frequency Plan (NFP) aims at supporting the Telecommunications sector in the Kingdom through the strategic plan of distributing radio frequency spectrum, and it is based needs of the ICT sector in Bahrain and the findings of the World Radio Conference (WRC-19)

The NFP aims at managing the frequency spectrum and effective planning; raising the efficiency of its use; creating the necessary conditions for future expansion and new technology advancements; as well as unifying the international technical specifications in accordance with the needs of the telecommunication service users.

The plan seeks to strengthen the infrastructure of the national broadband networks to increase its capacity for future expansions and rapid developments in the ICT sector in the Kingdom – in line with the Government Work Plan which contributes to accelerating the country’s development.

National Frequency Plan Chart

The National Frequency Plan chart is considered as a general comprehensive visual guide of the radiocommunication services that are permitted in all frequency bands in Bahrain.

Apply for a Frequency License

The Wireless Licensing, Frequency & Monitoring eServices allows governmental entities, companies, and individuals to look up the requirements for issuing frequency licenses and apply for a new license.


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Content Last Updated: 08 Jun, 2023

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