Commercial Registration System “Sijilat 3.0”

Sijilat’ is an integrated electronic gateway aimed at providing a robust investment environment that attracts Bahraini, Gulf, and international investors. It simplifies the establishment of commercial projects and fulfils requirements related to various commercial activities.

In an effort to make the Kingdom of Bahrain a leader in the field of economy and advanced digital technologies, the latest version of the commercial registry system "Sijilat 3.0" was launched with an improved and user-friendly interface. The system links all government entities concerned through a unified portal to provide services to businessmen and investors. "Sijilat 3.0" aims to enhance the quality of government services provided in the commercial sector by providing integrated digital services, implementing and updating commercial registrations and licenses automatically, and unifying the collection of all government licensing fees through a single central platform with the aim of developing a better investment environment and enhancing the confidence of entrepreneurs and investors in the services provided to them.

Key Features of Sijilat 3.0


  • Modern and simplified user interface: Designed to meet the latest specifications of different electronic devices
  • Automated Guide for starting a business: Designed to assist investors in planning their commercial ventures by asking them a series of questions and calculating approximate costs, while providing a summary of the necessary steps for starting a successful commercial project
  • Tools for cost and time estimation and comparison between activities
  • Certificates and Letters for Interested Parties’ Service: Enables easy and convenient extractions from certificates and commercial records
  • Linking with relevant authorities: ‘Sijilat’ connects with over 50 licensing authorities through a single platform
  • Improved speed and efficiency: System's performance is enhanced through upgraded could-based technical infrastructure
  • Dashboard: Allows users to view all their commercial activities and track transactions related to their commercial records


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Content Last Updated: 02 Aug, 2023

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